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Welcome, we are a small Maine Coon cattery located in Colorado Springs. Our story starts with our love for these fantastic pets. I hesitate to call Maine Coons cats because while all house cats our wonderful pets, Maine Coons are truly special. Our first boy was a mixed MC and after he passed away we had to have another one. When I started my search I was discouraged with how hard it was to find a Maine Coon, with so few breeders and long waiting lists. In the end we found a sweet boy out side of the US. He was a lovely black tabby, we named him Henry. He was in good health but very worn out from his long journey. Ultimately, I decided that it would be better if those desiring a Maine Coon of thier own had more options to bring a kitten home without so much stress on the kitten. So I decided to start a cattery!  Our Maine Coons are pure-breed TICA and WCF registered and come from the Ukraine. We have two big beautiful Kings. Henry is a handsome classic black tabby and Big Chugus is a XL Black smoke. For the girls we have Polly a black smoke Polydactyl, a very sweet girl with a silky coat and glowing green eyes. Our other Queen is Sova, she has loads of personality. Sova is a classic white tabby with gorgeous white fur and striking markings. Our home is located on a wild property on the Northwest side of Colorado Springs. The cats love to watch the wildlife and birds. The girls live inside and the boys have a 660 sq foot heated space to run around in.Please come back to our site to see available kittens!!!!!!! Thanks for visiting.


Available Kittens

We do not have any kittens available right now but we should have some available in March. These kittens will be from our Gorgeous King Henry and our Beautiful Queen Sova.

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